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JJ’s Driving School

Minimum height requirement 44″ and at least 6 years of age.

Show who’s king of the jungle with Jeepers! indoor bumper cars! Don’t be afraid to show some monkey business!


Banana Squadron

Minimum height requirement 36″

Go wild bananas with our flying banana squadron ride! Your child will love taking a flight in the jungle with our aerial view of the park! A definite must see for families with children of ages 2-12!


Yak Attack           

Minimum height requirement 36″ and MUST ride with an adult. Must be 46″ to ride alone.

Go on a fast paced, frontward expedition through the jungle at Jeepers! Thrilling circular ride! But that’s not where the thrill ends… prepare yourselves for a backward excursion that makes a double the fun seeking experience through the wild jungle!


Python Pit Roller Coaster                           

Minimum height requirement 36″ AND a maximum height of 60″. Must be 46″ to ride alone. Top speed 10 mph; reaches a height of 13 feet; length 300 feet; max riders 10

Come take a wild ride in the jungle with our famous indoor roller coaster! See what makes Jeepers! unique and one of a kind with our thrill seeking, indoor roller-coaster! A true attraction for kids of all ages and adults too! Make sure to hold on tight for the ride into our jungle!